Handling probate and the details of trust or conservatorship sales can be an overwhelming experience.

Why add the sale of real estate to your list of duties?

At Probate PNW, we are committed to making your experience as an estate executor as easy and painless as possible, while maximizing the value of the real property. We have years of experience guiding administrators through the intricate details and often complex steps of the probate process, and serving you is our biggest priority.

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Why work with Probate PNW?

Anthony Petz

Anthony Petz Probate Real Estate Specialist

Probate & Trust Real Estate Specialist

The ProbatePNW team is a tight knit, friendly, and experienced group of real estate professionals led by our CEO Anthony Petz.

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  • Probate PNW helped me sell my father’s home in Ferndale.  They were so kind and while I never felt pressure to work with them, I am SO glad I did!  They made all of the difference.
    Christa Frye
  • Probate PNW helped me sell my friend’s home in Bellingham as I worked in Arizona.  They handled all of the repairs, cleaning and landscaping and I never wrote a check for any of it.  They honestly made selling the home the easiest part of the process.
    Mary Gentry
  • Anthony understands the probate process and how to assist executors with their specific needs.  He also will go the extra mile, being truly motivated by his clients’ success
    Andrew Heinz
    Estate Attorney at Barron, Smith, Daugert, PLLC
  • Anthony was knowledgeable and capable as I sold my mother’s home.  He helped the sale go smoothly and was enjoyable to work with.
    Katherine Marsh
    Seller, Bellingham, WA
  • I have helped hundreds of clients administer estates where real estate needed to be sold.  Often there is a long list of tasks to ready the property for sale, the client is not usually as familiar with the property or community as the homeowner would be and there are usually several beneficiaries looking over the client's shoulder second guessing decisions. I have known Anthony professionally for over a decade and recommend him wholeheartedly as a real estate agent.  He is aware and knowledgeable about protecting client interests in the sale transaction, he is familiar with the trades and services needed to maximize a home's value and he is zealous about winning the best result for his clients.
    Michael T. Kleps
    Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney at Carmicheal, Clark, P.S.
  • Not only is Anthony extremely knowledgeable about real estate, but I find him to be very trustworthy and professional in every way.  I would not hesitate doing business with him in the future.
    Elsa Caron
    Seller, Bellingham, WA
mt baker national forest

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